At El Diablo.es we have designed and patented many products. One of them is a golf putter.
Using granite to start with to prove the "point of concept" We then designed and patented another version which uses metal

As you can see from the pictures
The quality like all of our products is paramount.

Then the price point is reflected in this, however not at the highest.

We believe we have the highest quality at the lowest cost possible.

Ever wanted your own golf business?
Here is a franchise type offer.

You'll be your own boss with the best new name in golf.

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It is so exciting. The metal versions of the El Diablo .es
inverted loft putters, they are on their way.


Watch this video from our factory.

The video was made just before packaging of these samples and soon
they will arrive.

You can see the patented features.

The weights combined with the inverted loft.

Plus the in conjunction with the diamond shaped face.

The line up cloaking is also visible, this enables pin point accuracy ball alignment.

This will all help you take fewer putts

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