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Passionate about beer.

You know what it's like.... Your young, only older people drink beer.

Then later you realise, you really like the taste of the beer. However not from the big breweries.

Now your looking for a decent Lager, beer or IPA.

Well we have them, just what you are looking for....!!!

As from August you will be able to purchase in cases of 24 the award winning El Diablo Lager in 33cl bottles. 

Other beers and IPAs will follow later in August/September.

All with top quality products to make a top quality lager beer or IPA.

Teamed up

We have teamed up with the award winning Red Church Brewery. This means we can bring you the best El Diablo .es
products, with the best prices.

Top quality and the best service from an award winning brewery dedicated to making what the customer wants.

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